COPS L.A.C. - Coming Soon to Channel 9

Cops: L.A.C., Channel Nine’s new Australian drama series about the fast-paced working life and complicated relationships of a diverse range of uniformed cops and plain clothes detectives, begins principal photography in May. These police officers working in a busy Local Area Command are the new frontline of law and order. The territory of Cops: L.A.C. covers the inner city, the harbourside and the eastern beaches of Sydney, from lowlifes to high society and everything in between. Their brief is to fight and control crime on their turf. From shoplifting to murder, small-time drug deals to major organised crime, these cops see it all every day.

Cops: L.A.C. stars Gold Logie winner Kate Ritchie as Detective Senior Constable Samantha Cooper and Martin Dingle Wall as her partner, Detective Senior Constable Rhys Llewellyn. They are joined by Gary Sweet as Superintendent Jack Finch and Denise Roberts as Inspector Diane Pappas. Tom O’Sullivan stars as Senior Constable Nathan Holt, with Ria Vandervis as Senior Constable Roxanne Perez, along with Kelly Paterniti as Probationary Constable Priscilla Smith and Graeme Squires as Probationary Constable Daniel Vandermark. The cast also includes 2009 AFI Winners Roy Billing as Senior Sergeant Graeme Sinclair and Damian de Montemas as forensic expert Matt “Matilda” Hilton.

At the L.A.C. dedicated officers work and play side-by-side. They are passionate cops on the beat, the first ones at the crime scenes; savvy plainclothes detectives marked by their gut instinct and tenacity; naive recruits uncertain if they'll make the grade; daring undercover officers flirting with danger; ambitious superintendents juggling politics with policing; and forensics experts with hi-tech toys. It’s a competitive, pressure-cooker environment where the line between professional and personal relationships is easily blurred, and it takes plenty of grit, grunt and humour to get these cops through the day. Theirs is a tough and unpredictable job where some succeed beyond their wildest expectations while others fall by the wayside.

“We are really excited about Cops: L.A.C. It has great scripts, a fantastic cast, and all the ingredients for another exciting Aussie drama series from Nine,” said Jo Horsburgh, Head of Nine Drama.

Cops: L.A.C. is produced by the Nine Network and will screen later in 2010.