A British design executive (Linus Roache), who seemingly has everything going for him has his life totally changed when a refrigerator falls from an aircraft and lands on his wife (Victoria Hill). He decides to getaway from it all by taking a trip to Australia. On his bus, he meets a wild group of eccentrics, including a woman (Danielle Cormack) who has stolen cash from her drug-dealing boy friend (Ian Bliss). As the movie moves along, we learn further that the executive is constantly accident-prone and drawn into unlikely situations. The film's title refers to a new design colour that Roache is trying to develop.

The film was the first feature directed by Tropfest Short Film Festival founder John Poulson. Roy plays grumpy Whippet Tours bus driver Bill Leach. He was nominated for  Best Supporting Actor in both the Australian Film Institute Awards and the Film Critics Circle of Australia Awards  for 1999.