Ralph Williams (Michael Caton) and Vince Hopgood (Paul Hogan) are life long mates who live in the country town of Yackandandah, NE Victoria. When Vince receives a letter from his ex-wife's accountant informing him he needs to pay years in back taxes, he turns to Ralph for support. A new law has just been passed, giving gay couples the same rights as married couples, including a retrospective tax law, enabling them to claim rebates for up to 5 years. Vince wants Ralph to pretend they are gay, claim the rebate.... and no one in town will ever know. Ralph reluctantly agrees, but regrets it when an investigator (Pete Postlethwaite) is sent to audit their claim. Ralph and Vince have a week to learn how to be convincing as a loving homosexual couple in a small town who knows them as anything but.

Roy plays local Fire Chief Fred Coulson.

Review by Louise Keller, URBAN CINEFILE:
"Roy Billing is as good as ever, and there's good support from the residents of the real Victorian country town of Yackandandah (population 450), most of whom make an appearance in the film…."