When Tahmeena stumbles onto John’s isolated farm, he has no choice but to take her in. An illegal  refugee, she’s been badly beaten and speaks no English. While John’s not inclined to welcome visitors, he’s even less inclined to involve the police.

As they communicate through signs, pictures and a gradual understanding of each other’s language, John and Tahmeena both begin to recover their faith in themselves and their trust in humanity.

Tahmeena brings the homestead back to life, reopening John’s eyes to the beauty of his land. In return, John tries to track down the daughter Tahmeena sent ahead from war-ravaged Afghanistan.

With renewed confidence, they step out of the sanctuary of the farm, but in doing so, reveal themselves to the violent criminals who’ve been looking for Tahmneena.

Unfinished Sky is a powerful, poetic and sensual love story that peels away layers of hurt and mistrust to reveal the beauty of freedom, hope and choice.

Roy oplays a small support role as Royce, John’s neighbour, continuing an ongoing collaboartion with writer/ director Peter Duncan. Roy has appeared in all of Peter’s projects from his initial feature CHILDREN OF THE REVOLUTION through to the recent TV series RAKE.